What’s the secret strategy behind “free”

What’s the strategy behind “free”?

How do you use the freebie in your marketing and sales strategy?

‘Why do you give it all away for free?’
That’s the question I often get.

And particularly when it comes to the Business Boost Event I used to organize in the past.
This was a free 2 day training event – free.
Well, you only paid for catering.
But it’s kind of free

Why did we do that?
Giving it all away almost for free?

There is a strategy behind all that free stuff.
And may I suggest you learn that strategy too?
At least, if you want to sell more.

It’s all about this process:


Before I explain the process, I want to tell you that it is obvious that we and our business will not survive if we do everything for free.
We also had several in-depth training programs we offered to those who wished to work together with us to grow their mindset, business and build a personal brand.
These training programs were not for free.
And let’s be clear here: this is what we wanted to sell.

That was not a secret.
All Business Boost Event attendees knew this.
Expected this.
And some really looked forward to this.

But how do you sell a program with a price tag of a couple of thousands of euros?
To a group of entrepreneurs who don’t know you yet?
Well you don’t sell it.
It’s almost impossible.

People buy from people they know like and trust.

They don’t buy from a nobody.
So you need a strategy, a system.

This is the system:


Know: People have to know (about) you. That’s obvious. If they don’t know you or your product how will they be able to buy your stuff?! (Personal) Branding is an important way to get noticed by your potential clients.

>>> We have spent a vast amount of time and money on getting our (personal) brand out there. Think networking, social media, partnerships…

Like: It’s important that you increase your likability. For instance by being generous, by showing the real you in an authentic way.

>>> We created a Facebook group where we show what we do and who we are ‘behind the scenes’. We have recorded serious video’s but also some crazy & fun ones.

Trust: Show people you are an expert, that you are worth listening to (and buying from). Again Personal Branding is thé tool.

>>> When we organize our 2 day Business Boost Event, we share a huge amount of knowledge and experience. People ‘like’ us for our generosity and they trust us because they see we know our stuff.

Try: Once people know, like & trust you they are likely to buy from you (if they need or want your services). Some, however, would like to ‘try you out’. That’s the moment that you give away valuable stuff. This is the moment that you work with  try-out periods.  For example, the test drive with a new car. Or the free cookie you can taste in the supermarket.

>>> Or the free Business Boost Event. We also work with a satisfaction guaranteed clause. If people are not satisfied with what they have bought, they can opt-out and get their money back.

Buy: If people are happy with the test drive, there is a strong possibility they’ll buy the car if they need a car.

>>> If people are happy with the free Business Boost Event, there is a strong possibility they’ll buy the programs if they feel they need it and can’t or won’t do it by themselves.

That was the whole strategy behind the free Business Boost Event.
Oh, and this being said, even though there is/was a strategy behind “FREE”,
I also like to believe I am a generous person 🙂

And I strongly believe in this quote:


Your turn:
What is your free give-away? Let us know in the comment box.


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