Individual and group workshops and coaching programs

I'll help you:

Find your Voice. Grow your Mindset.
Build your Personal Brand. Boost your Business.

In these workshops and programs I will help you find your voice, build your personal brand, share your message, speak in public, boost your conscious business, grow your mindset, learn to work smarter and much more… I will work with you personally so you are certain you will get the best results fast. 

1:1 coaching & mentoring

This 12 hour individual coaching program is completely individual and tailor-made. You are unique, so why settle for a 1 size fits all program? Learn to build your authentic personal brand and create the soulful business you desire and deserve.

Languages: EN,  FR or NL


group training & coaching (DUTCH)

Every month I’ll share the latest tips on, and teach you how to build your authentic personal brand, develop a growth mindset and achieve high performance like a pro… even if you’re just beginning. Plus, we’ll answer in group your burning questions regarding your business, marketing, sales and life as an authentic entrepreneur.

Laguages:  NL (contact me if interested in EN)