The secret of inner peace

One of the secrets of inner peace

Is the act of compassion

I have had difficult moments in life. Who hasn’t?
And that has long resulted in a heavy backpack full of regret, anger and sadness.
Until I have learned to let go.

And to forgive.
I do everything I can to look at situations and people differently.
Some people do bad things or say bad things about me, lies.
Some people really didn’t want the best for me.
Or so it seems.

What helps me is to look at those people with ‘compassion’.
They did what was in their ‘power’ at the time, often not knowing any better.
I don’t approve of what those people did or said.
But that compassion does allow me to look at them differently.

I can let go.
I can forgive.
So I can empty my backpack little by little.

The greatest winner of the forgiveness process is the one who forgives.
Give it a try.


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