The secret behind my work-life balance.

The secret behind my work-life balance.

3 productivity hacks

‘How do you do all that? How do you manage it?’
That’s a question I often get.
I’m pretty visible online and often attend networking events.
I work with my clients, I work on my marketing, I organize online and live events…

That’s the professional side.
On the personal side, it is important for me to spend time with my family & friends.
And I also need me-time.

So how do I manage all that?
Don’t worry, I do not wish to work 100 hours a week.
That is not my definition of a fulfilled and happy life.

The friend who asked me the question, knew I was on holiday.
However, she was surprised to see multiple social media posts of mine.
She also received an email with my blog post.
So she said to herself: ‘even on holiday she keeps on working.’

She also said to herself:
‘this is not the lifestyle I want. If this is what Greet will be teaching me, then I am not interested’

Thank God, she told me what was bugging her.
This way I can give an answer to her.
And to you, should you be worried about that too.

I can tell you a lot of things about time and performance management.
About work-life balance.
Because I want to work smart, not hard.

Greet Bunnens how to work smart not hard

In this post I’ll focus on my S.A.D. approach.
If you follow this approach you’ll never be SAD again 🙂
At least not with regards to your professional time management.

We, entrepreneurs, have a lot of stuff on our plate.
And what you need to know is …
You don’t need to do everything now and all by yourself.
That’s it.

You need to know how things work, but once you figured that out…

  • Stop repeating the same thing all the time.
  • Stop doing everything manually
  • Stop doing everything yourself

That’s the secret. The S.A.D. method:


Systemize: Think in terms of systems and processes all day long.

Example: I batch my blogs and vlogs. In other words, I do not write a blog post every week. I usually write 4 blog posts at the time. I block time for that. Once written I’m all set for the coming month.


Automate: There are a lot of tools out there that will enable you to simplify your life.

Example: let’s take the blogging example. Once I’ve written the blog, I send it via an email service provider (Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign…) to all the people who have opted in for my blog. This happens automatically. Another system (MeetEdgar) distributes my blog posts (and other posts) over and over again over time. Automatically. Easy, simple, efficient.


Delegate: I have wonderful people who help me with a lot of administrative things. I’m not fond of that, I am not good at that.

Example: let’s focus on blogging again. For example Facebook does not like the automated posts that much. So I combine the automated stuff with manual posting. And luckily I do not have to do that myself. My assistant helps me distribute my blog on Facebook, LinkedIn … during the week. She does that manually. Facebook & LinkedIn happy. Me happy 🙂

That’s the secret.
Not so difficult and fancy huh?
Just do it. It will make your life easier. Promised!
You will never be SAD no more 🙂

Your turn:
What productivity hacks do you use? Let us know in the comment box.



  1. Inderdaad Greet, je hoeft niet alles zelf te doen. Herkenbaar, de reflex van mensen die denken dat ik non stop werk. En zich daarover zorgen maken. Soms word ik aangesproken op een blogpost waarvan ik zelf nog niet had gemerkt dat die twee u online stond, omdat ik me-time had, was gaan sporten of aan het coachen was. Dat is het mooie van online marketing, je kan dat organiseren en erop anticiperen. En omdat ik zelf een hekel heb aan “techniek” uitpluizen, wordt alles van admin en van marketing uitbesteed. Uiteraard lever ik de content aan en bespreek ik wanneer iets mag verschijnen, maar met de uitvoering hoef ik me niet bezig te houden. En zo realiseer ik een 25 uren week. Want me-time en friends/family time is belangrijk. Net als gefocust kunnen werken, met mensen ipv met mijn laptop :).

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