How to find your why?

⁉️What’s your life’s purpose⁉️

How to find your why?

What’s your WHY?

That’s such a tricky question.
And what is it actually for?

If you had asked me about this 10 years ago, I might have called you “oh he/she is one of these spiritual people”
with my eyes rolling up. I can do that very well, rolling my eyes,  I have been told all my life 😇

Anyway, about five years ago I started doing more soul searching.
That was directly linked to the confrontational period that followed the start of my first real me-business.
I was self-employed for a long time, but the birth of my personal branding company caused a lot of unease.

In my search, I came across the question “what is your why?”.

After many tryouts, I came to the following why: “I never want to be small again.”
It suited me just fine and I have used it until now.

Lately, I have gone through a new (r)evolution.
And I have meditated, reflected, walked, did nothing, relaxed, enjoyed …

I have come to a number of observations. Amongst others, that my WHY has evolved too.
It’s not that I don’t want to be small anymore.
I want to be GREAT.

And the thing is, I don’t have to BECOME great but I already AM.
It took me 46 years to discover that. 😯 To discover that greatness.

And that brings me to YOU. And my new WHY.

“I want to help you discover and show your greatness.”

Because you are great. You only have to realize it (if you haven’t already) and do something with it.
So that you also know your WHY and can live up to it. ❤️

“Oopsie poopsie the old Greet has really become one of these spiritual people,” says the younger Greet, rolling his eyes. 🙄

Is that so?! 😉

➡️ and you? What is your why?

PS: a tool that has helped my clients and I a lot in finding our WHY, is Dean Graziosi’s 7 levels deep exercise. He explains it in an interview with Lewis Howes here.
And another tool that helped me, is an old blogpost from Steve Pavlina: How to find your life’s purpose in 20 minutes.


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