How to deal with overwhelm

How to deal with overwhelm?

What if it all gets a bit too much for you?

Do you know that feeling: there is a huge pile of work and you don’t know where to start first?
You look at that mountain but it seems gigantic?
You get a little paralyzed by the overwhelm and you don’t do anything or anything useful anymore.

You’re not alone.
The problem is looking at the mountain as a whole.

Suppose I ask you if you to write a book of 365 pages. Sounds impossible, right?

But suppose I ask you to write 1 page a day for a year. Do you think you could do it? Now the task starts to seem more manageable.

We break down the 365-page book into bite-sized pieces. Yet I suspect many people would still find the prospect intimidating.

Why? Writing one page may not seem like a big deal, but you are being asked to look ahead for an entire year. When people start looking that far ahead, many of them automatically start thinking it’s no use, it’s impossible, it’s too much.

So let’s break it down even more. Suppose I ask you if you can fill a page with words – not for a year, not for a month, not even for a week, but only today? Look no further than that.

I believe most people would confidently declare that they could. These are the same people who feel totally incapable of writing an entire book. If I said the same thing to those people tomorrow – if I told them, I don’t want you to look back, and I don’t want you to look forward, I just want you to write a page today – do you think they could do it?

One day at a time. That’s what we do here. We divide the time it takes to do an important task into one-day chunks, and we divide the work it takes to write a 365-page book into page increments. Keep this up for a year and you’ve written a book. πŸ‘Š

Accept the challenge of never looking forward or backwards and you can accomplish things you never thought you could do. πŸ™

And it all starts with these 6 words: “Cut the sucker into smaller pieces”


And now to you… How do you deal with ‘overwhelm’?

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