Happiness is your birthright

Happiness is your birthright

And it’s a choice

“If I have achieved this and this, or have this and this, then I will be happy.”
That’s what a lot of people think and/or say.
In other words, they let their happiness depend on external factors.
Sometime in the future, they will be happy.

Not yet. Hopefully soon.
I know someone, and you will know someone like that too.
He runs, runs, runs.
Because he wants to be a millionaire.
Everything has give way to this goal.
Until he reaches his goal.
Then he will be happy.

And I wonder: #isthatso?
Will he be happy then?
Or will he pursue another goal?
Who will say?!

Me, I have decided to be happy NOW.
I am convinced that happiness is a choice.
It is not something in the future, it is now.
At least for me.

Does this mean I am super happy and satisfied every minute of the day?

But I refuse to let people and situations come between me and my happiness.
That is a choice.
And you can make that too.
Feel free to argue with me…. I dare you 😉

Now tell me, what makes you happy?


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