Everything is a blessing or a lesson

Some people come in your life as a blessing

And others come in your life as lessons

Sometimes I think “OMG, the women in my life, what a mess.”
Not all women, of course.
And yet, my goodness, what I’ve been through with some women in my life.
Men too, but that’s a different story.

And I’m talking about the mothers in my life, for example.
And the business partners in my life.
Holy Mary.

Now I know they had a lesson to teach me.
I may not have learned all the lessons yet, not completely.
But I am starting to get the picture.
Anyway, despite the fact that those ladies have given me real nightmares.

I am thankful to all of them.
Because without them I wouldn’t be where I am now.
So thank you for the shitty moments.

I always say:

Shit happens. Shit makes you grow. Enjoy the shit.

So remember any person who makes you feel like shit has something to teach you.
Discover that, and the shit suddenly seems to stink less.
Halleluja!! 🙂


Tell me: What have you learned from the shitty situations and people in your life?

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