Future Is Now Webinar with Michele Mees and Greet Bunnens

Your Future Is Now Webinar with Michèle Mees


Your future is NOW with Michèle Mees.

Inspirational conversations for and with entrepreneurs who believe a new era has dawned…

Dear entrepreneur,
I believe we will need a different kind of entrepreneurs and leaders during and after this corona happening.
That’s why I have decided to ask the opinion of people who can shed a light on the old and new era.
Are you ready to join the movement?
Stay tuned for our biweekly webinars.
One of our guests will be Marnick Vandebroek.


She is an inspiring keynote speaker, author, executive coach, entrepreneur, and co-founder of inclusionnow.eu. Also a kick-starter, lover of long walks, strategist, introvert, piano player, beginning tango dancer, creative mind, veggie food lover, with a business background in marketing consulting.

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