Be an enthusiast!

Be an enthusiast!

There are already too many critics

These are difficult times. That’s what some people say.

And that makes us occasionally tempted to express ourselves negatively.
About whatever.

I’ve been the negative one for years.
Everything was stupid, bad, … The weather, the soup, the teacher, me …
Always a reason to complain and blame.

Until they (the people I most loved) told me that there was really no fun to live with.
A giant eye-opener.
That moment I decided to change my mindset.
Because that’s what it’s about: negative mindset.
By trial and error, I was able to turn my negative mindset into a positive one.

And that makes me happier. And the people around me too.
Does that mean I never have a moment less? No.
Does that mean I never even feel like complaining? No.
You have your feelings and emotions and they are allowed to be there.
However, I just don’t get stuck in it anymore.

People don’t need the company of the eternal naysayer.
That takes the energy down.
So if you can do 1 thing in these difficult times (are these really difficult times, by the way?), Be positive, enthusiastic, humorous….
As often as possible.

It will bring you much more.
Trust me. I know.

Tell me: What can you be happy and enthusiastic about today?

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